If you don’t read Slate’s Dear Prudence column, you should. However, please take a minute to read this week’s, especially the second letter from “Church Newbies”.
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First, check this out.
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Hey, all. I wrote this update of everyone’s favorite Covenant Prayer in the Wesleyan Tradition to use in worship Sunday. I thought I’d run it by you.
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What an awesome day!

It was international Secure your ID Day, and we spent the morning at Misty’s Better Business Bureau’s parking lot handing out goody bags and taking people’s personal documents to be shredded by a real pro who looked surprisingly like Meat Loaf. (The singer, not the food stuff.)
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Pushing my boundaries

May 2, 2008

I participated in something new last night.
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I have spent half my freakin’ day so far trying to get Blogger to do something through html edits and other things I don’t really understand that can be done on WordPress (I think) by checking a box on your settings page. I say “I think” because I’m not sure if it will work. I want the front page of the blog to show a short summary, just the first paragraph or a few sentences, with a link to the rest. Simple enough, right? I got it working on the church’s blog. I even altered the text of the link so that, instead of saying “Read More!”, it says, “Click here for enlightenment!” Pretty cool, huh?
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April 24, 2008

Now I have two blogs, neither of which I will ever do anything with.  The first blog was to make me write from time to time and to get me to publish my exegeses.  Other than a couple late-night, semi-tipsy exercises in sillyness, I haven’t posted anything there since December.  Since it’s tied to an account that also hosts the church’s blog, maybe I should just let it go.  Maybe I should let the church blog go.  No one ever checks it, anyway.  Since Will invited me to join the Metholectionary blog, maybe that will force me to write the exegeses that I need to to make my sermons less sucky.  I’ve been wanting to begin writing again, so maybe I’ll use this spot for more creative endeavors.  Although, in all honesty, I’ll probably just ignore it, too.  Anyway, welcome, no one.  I hope you enjoy this.


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